US Scientists Use Gene Editing Tool to Fix Mutation in Human Embryo.

Oregon scientists use breakthrough gene editing procedure to fix birth defect in embryo. According to a CBS TV News story, August 2 2017, researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University ran an experiment that safely repaired a mutated gene in a human embryo. The experiment used a procedure is called CRIPR cas 9, which is a genetic editing tool. The scientists edited out a defective mutation of DNA in the embryo. In a next step, the DNA automatically repaired itself without the mutation. The successful experiment demonstrated that you are scientists are technically capable of repairing mutations of DNA in embryos. This sort of thing was once considered science fiction, but now it is reality. Clearly the FDA will need to weigh in on whether or when medical clinical trials might begin in the US. There are many bio ethical considerations that have to be made before this experimental method comes to the marketplace. For example this type of technology could be a way of curing certain types of disease conditions such as enabling a person with HIV to have an immune system that could prevent the onset of AIDS or perhaps this technique could be used to fight certain forms of cancer. Down the line in the far future people might consider the possibility to alter human features to their liking. Scientist in other countries such as China, South Korea and others are using the gene editing technology to suit the needs of their localities.

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