President Trump Targets Healthcare in Today’s Speech to the Congress.

In President Trump’s speech today before members of Congress, he touched on several healthcare topics. 

Most notably, he spent time discussing the need for Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. 

He also spoke about the high prices of prescription drugs that have been in the news recently . He said he is looking for a solution to bring the cost of drugs down.

President Trump also spoke about reducing regulation and fast tracking development of new miracle drugs by getting the FDA to move their regulatory processes at a faster pace. The president effectively illustrated the case of Megan Crowley, a person in the audience, who is a victim of a rare genetic condition called Pompe disease. Her father vowed to find a solution to her illness and eventually founded a biotech company with the aim of finding a drug solution that could cure his daughter’s illness. Eventually he succeeded and now Megan has lived longer than expected, and is attending college.

These healthcare topics are important subjects that members of Congress will need to pay attention to in the near term. Industry spokesperson’s are already working on strategies to respond to the president’s call to action.

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