Speakers at Biotech Showcase See More Growth for 2015

San Francisco — January 13, 2015. The EBD Group’s Biotech Showcase conference was held at the Park 55 Wyndom hotel in San Francisco.
During lunch time they gave a plenary talk to a group of 300 or so investors. The talk consisted of a panel of about seven people talking about the prospects of biotechnology in the coming year. The bottom line is that this group of people as a group and individually pointed out aspects of what’s going on in biotech today and it’s likely that biotechnology will continue to grow in 2015 at the same pace as it was in 2014. The take away message from this panel session is that these people believe that 2015 will be a another good year for biotechnology companies in the industry in general because the trend tends to look positive. The Q and A: they focused on the exclusivity pricing for biosimilars.

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