Zika Virus Migration Scarier Than Thought

Zika virus now scarier than was originally thought. Zika virus has been found to have caused more neurological conditions than previously thought. The virus causes micro encephaly a condition in which a newborn child has an unusually small brain and head. In addition to that, other conditions have emerged including eye problems in babies, Guillan Barre, abnormal fetal ultrasounds in pregnant women. Further doctors have found that Zika virus stays in adults longer than expected. As a result the world health organization suggests that man returning from Zika virus infected areas such as Brazil abstain from having sex for more than eight weeks rather than four weeks, which was the previous suggestion.The CDC said that there are more then 650 reported cases of pregnant women who have the Zika virus infection. The first case of a pregnant woman giving birth to a baby with microcephaly was reported yesterday in New Jersey. The woman came to the US from Honduras.  

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