FDA Expanded Approval to a Cancer Immunotherapy

CBS’s doctor David Agus said in a May 30 story of CBS This Morning, that the FDA had recently expanded the uses for the immunotherapy known as KeyTruda for additional indications or medical conditions. All cancer cells operate in a type of stealth mode that allows it to hide from immunity cells that would normally eat it. The therapy targets cancer cells that have a biomarker that enables them to switch on a gene function that says it’s OK for the immune system to eat it. The therapy was originally used to fight lung cancer and some forms of skin cancer. The new FDA approval would expand the list to treat cancer searches kidney cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer and a growing list of other cancers. This immunotherapy enables patients previously without hope, to get an extended life of 1 to 3 years. Dr. Agus said that the cancer always returns, because the cancer mutates into a different form that is not suitable for treatment with this immunotherapy.

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