Prevention is the key element in fighting cancer

Dr. Craig Thompson from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center CEO had a discussion with Wall Street Journal live online show host Simon Constable about progress in the fight against cancer. So far the results in the fight against cancer is a mixture of successes and failures. Dr. Thompson says
that on the sequencing of the human genome has demonstrated that since 2003 that most cancer does not come from inherited mutations but rather from environmental threats. Dr. Thompson said that cancer is now classified to include up to about 200 different diseases that arise from mutations that happen over time. He said that smoking has lead to lung cancer. Certain types of infections have resulted in cancers to such as human papilloma virus infections have cause cervical cancer and hepatitis viruses have lead to liver cancer. Anticancer vaccines are being developed to fight against cervical cancer causing viruses and hepatitis viruses. Exposure to sunlight and getting sunburns has led to skin cancers.He said that one of the leading causes of cancer today is obesity which leads to a whole number of digestive tract related cancers. He said that advances in therapies has led to what’s known as precision medicine which is a specific way to target cancer cells by using the vast knowledge of genomic information about mutations and so forth over the last 15 years has been useful in developing these new therapies. Most recently the research field has developed immuno oncology techniques that harness the body’s immunity system by uncloaking cancer cells so that they can be identified by the immunity system as bad cells. This online show was aired on 4/26/15.

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