Biotech Showcase 2012 Demos Partnering App

San Francisco, Park 55 Wyndham Hotel – EBD Group’s annual Biotech Showcase partnering event on January 10,2012, provided an opportunity for many executives from biotech firms to meet face-to-face with potential partners.  The Biotech Showcase this year offered a full schedule of presenting biotechnology companies seeking partners. The format gives companies a 15-minute time slot to present to an audience.

While I was waiting for a colleague to return, a man from the EBD Group asked if he could show me their partnering software program. I agreed and we walked over to a kiosk that was running their partnering program.  The software is called “partneringONE.”  The rep. showed me that their Web-based software just needs a browser to run – so there is nothing to install. All you need to do is register to get an ID and password.

Once you login, you can fill out your profile to get started with finding potential business partners.  I found that if you plan to attend EBD Group events, you can use this tool to search, connect, network with and arrange times to meet with potential partners. My first impression of this software is that partneringONE helps you focus on your partnering interests before, during and after the conference.

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